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Spiced Pickled Green Beans & Asparagus


Drink Mixes

  • For Co-pack Customers

    You supply the recipe and the process, or our in house food technologist can work with you to develop your recipe to your exacting standards. We provide the facilities, equipment and people needed to meet your customers’ demanding standards for quality, price, and service.

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  • Our Outlook

    As we look into the future, Bell Foods International is dedicated to producing premier specialty food products at very competitive prices. We seek constant quality to meet the ongoing needs of our consumers.

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  • Store

    Bell Foods Online Store – is a quick and easy way to learn about us and our variety of products, to try our products for yourself, or to purchase gifts for friends and associates. Our produce is locally grown in the most fertile farmland in Oregon, USA. We offer some of the finest organic and non-organic products in the valley.

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